Located on the University of Rwanda, Kigali campus, ICTP-EAIFR is a vibrant, international hub of advanced education and research, poised to become one of the most important physics institutes in Africa. It is a partner institute of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), and is also a Category 2 UNESCO institute.

ICTP-EAIFR has been developed in response to a need in Rwanda and the region for both masters and doctoral degrees in various areas of physics, both fundamental and applied. It is planned that at any given time there will be 50 or more MSc students while the PhD programme is still to be determined.

The institute itself is more than just a graduate school, as it will have at least five research scientists on staff. When it is fully operational, there will be approximately 15 postdoctoral fellows. It is expected to act as a vibrant hub for visiting scientists from around the world, so that scientists from the continent can discuss and collaborate with others from further afield. This will also allow the students to make contact with active scientists and better their chances for obtaining PhD or postdoctoral positions in other countries.

The institute will host approximately five scientific meetings or schools a year, some of those in collaboration with the ICTP. Furthermore, it is expected to act as a node for various physics networks in Africa.

All aspects of ICTP-EAIFR are based on scientific merit with a positive bias to gender equality and geographical distribution.

ICTP-EAIFR is a moment's walk away from the University of Rwanda's departments of physics and mathematics, with which it enjoys close collaboration.


First EAIFR DIrector Appointed

Omololu Akin-Ojo, a condensed matter physicist from Nigeria, will lead the new institute